Even though RISE Siding and RISE Trim are manufactured using the patented new RISE® Technology, building professionals can rest assured that RISE can be worked and installed similar to wood.

  • RISE is shipped on pallets, and wrapped in a protective shroud.
  • Protective foam is placed between products.
  • Store the pallets on a level, flat surface.
  • RISE can be cut with standard wood working tools: circular saws, table saws, miter saws and routers.
  • Stainless nails are recommended for best rust proof results. Nail guns can be used at proper pressure.
  • Adhesives can be used to bond pieces of RISE.
    - A two-part methyl methacrylate adhesive is recommended.
    - Do not apply adhesive to painted surface.
  • RISE is available primed, or pre-finished, and can be painted.
  • Touch up paint kits are available from RISE Building Products.