Since 2005, RISE Building Products has developed technically advanced and affordable synthetic fiber building products that meet the demands of the building industry and homeowners. Synthetic fiber technology, considered part of advanced material science, is fundamental to the functionality of RISE products.

The use of quality synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon and fiberglass, as core ingredients works to create the remarkable performance of all RISE products. These superior synthetic fibers give RISE trim and siding the strength and durability needed for demanding job sites and long-term performance on the wall. Because these synthetic fibers come from post-consumer and post-industrial recycle and waste streams, the strength of RISE products makes them a preferable alternative to cement, PVC and wood-based products.

Traditional and other composite materials are often a mix of compromises, whether it be aesthetics, installation ease, durability or economics. While fiber cement, engineered wood, real wood and PVC have positive traits, each tends to have a trade off when viewed holistically from raw materials to on-the-wall performance. 


The sourcing of synthetic fibers from the recycling community enables RISE to manufacture


siding at a competitive price, all while reducing the environmental impact of sourcing new raw materials.


Every time RISE trim and siding is chosen over traditional materials, the impact to the environment is lessened in two ways. With

94% ReCycled COntent,

the impact to the environment is lessened compared to traditional materials derived from forestry, mining and chemical manufacturing that are the raw material sources for other products. Additionally, the recycled fibers used to manufacture RISE siding and trim are waste materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills.


Traditional trim and siding is often made from products that can have a variety of environmental impacts, including water and air pollution, toxic exposures, natural resource devastation and ecosystem harm. As these determinantal effects can happen all along a traditional trim or siding’s product life cycle—from raw material extraction through product use and its eventual disposal—choosing a siding product that eliminates some of the damage, while it keeps the expected performance, is a smart step.


RISE Trim and RISE Siding products perform remarkably well in all climates, are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and can be worked as easily as wood, so why wouldn’t RISE be the best choice for any trim or siding project?

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It performs and protects, but most importantly, it preserves.