Since 2005, RISE Building Products has developed technically advanced, affordable, synthetic fiber building products that meet the demands of the building industry and homeowners. RISE meets the expectations of contractors who demand quality products and homeowners who care about sustainability choices and avoiding harm to the planet.

By Using

94% Recycled

content, RISE products have a lesser effect on the environment compared to traditional materials that derive raw materials from forestry, mining and chemical manufacturing.




used to manufacture RISE trim and siding are waste materials that would, if not used, be sent to landfills.


RISE has created a


manufacturing process that limits the impact on our environment in multiple ways, while providing a high performing and affordable choice for siding and trim products.


Traditional trim and siding is often made from products that can have a variety of environmental impacts, including water and air pollution, toxic exposures, natural resource devastation and ecosystem harm. As these determinantal effects can happen all along a traditional trim or siding’s product life cycle—from raw material extraction through product use and its eventual disposal—choosing a siding product that eliminates some of the damage, while it keeps the expected performance, is a smart step.


RISE Trim and RISE Siding products perform remarkably well in all climates, are durable, aesthetically pleasing, and can be worked as easily as wood, so why wouldn’t RISE be the best choice for any trim or siding project?

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It performs and protects, but most importantly, it preserves.