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    It performs and protects, but most importantly, it preserves.

    RISE® Building Products Introduces RISE Siding in 20′ Lengths

    (Mankato, MN) – RISE Building Products introduces RISE Siding, a breakthrough synthetic siding product that looks and works just like real wood.

    RISE Siding, featuring RISE® Technology, is the only exterior siding product available in a 20′ length, which minimizes unsightly seams, and results in significantly less jobsite waste. It’s available in a vertical wood grain finish, and offered in all the typical sizes needed to complete the exterior of a home. RISE Siding is pre-finished in white, and nine colors specifically chosen to work will with all types of home styles.

    RISE Siding has unique values that make it the perfect, affordable, high-performance product for all types of weather environments, and that allow it to outperform wood, OSB and fiber cement products. RISE Siding is decay, rot, and freeze-thaw resistant. It features 2-sided water protection (front and back), and has the additional benefit of minimizing expansion and contraction rates.

    Mr. Joe Biss, Director of Sales for RISE Building Products, shares that “because RISE Siding is comprised of 94% post-consumer and post-industrial synthetic fiber, and past wastes, that would otherwise be sent to landfills, we are very proud that we not only provide a product that helps address the many challenges faced by building professionals every day, but we’re also addressing the challenges of our global community, and serving as an important participant in the Circular Economy.”

    About RISE Building Products

    RISE® Building Products, a division of RISE® Composite Technologies, has been developing technically advanced, affordable, synthetic fiber building products since 2005. RISE® Technology is the patented manufacturing process RISE Building Products uses to compress post-consumer and post-industrial synthetic fiber, and past wastes that would otherwise be sent to landfills, into RISE Siding, and RISE Trim – dense and durable wood replacement products that are affordable, aesthetically pleasing, environmentally-friendly, and that outperform wood, wood-based, and cement-based products. RISE Siding, and RISE Trim, are manufactured in the U.S.A.

    For more information about RISE Building Products, and RISE Siding, please contact Mr. Joe Biss at or 717-462-0395.


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    RISE Siding and RISE Trim Pamphlet