Discover RISE® Siding and RISE® Trim, exterior synthetic polymer products that bring important benefits to builders and homeowners, while contributing to the greater global circular economy. RISE Siding, and RISE trim boards are affordable, strong, and visually attractive super wood-like exterior building products that truly deliver where wood and plastic foam products fall short.



RISE Building Products is a proud participant in the circular economy. We also place a tremendous emphasis on providing our customers with wall-to-wall value. Our patented new approach toward manufacturing outdoor siding and exterior trimboards utilizes post-consumer and post-industrial synthetic fiber, and polymer waste, that would otherwise be sent to landfills. These components are repurposed to create long-term durable wood replacement products that look and feel just like real wood and help homeowners achieve the aesthetic curb appeal they're looking for.


NEW Synthetic fiber-based Technology

Wood fiber-based materials have a unique look and feel that have appealed to architects, building professionals, and homeowners for centuries. However, the durability of these materials are negatively impacted by nearly all climates, whether humid or dry, or cold or hot.

RISE Siding and RISE Trim are also manufactured using a fibrous-based technology – RISE® Technology – however, the synthetic fiber-based technology we use makes our wood replacement products look and feel just like real wood. They're also:

  • Stronger than products made from non-fibrous materials, including wood flour, silica dust and extruded plastics.
  • More capable of holding up under all weather conditions, including high moisture and severe freeze/thaw conditions, because, like plastic, they will outperform wood, wood flour and silica-based products.
  • Made in the U.S.A.